Corten steel fountain

Corten steel has a beautiful rusty colour and excellent properties. No wonder it is the material of choice for today's architects and designers. This steel has a high resistance to corrosion. When exposed to the elements, a brownish-orange tarnish develops on the surface of the sheet, similar to rust. The resulting protective coating slows down the corrosion process, prolongs the life of the material and provides an interesting decorative effect. Passivation, the process of patina formation, is gradual. Under outdoor conditions, the rust-coloured patina 'matures' over a period of approximately 18-36 months.

Unlike other metals, it does not require additional treatment or periodic painting. Thanks to its properties, Corten can remain intact for several decades.

If used correctly and in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations, it should not cause any problems. In particular, care should be taken to ensure that Corten elements are correctly assembled and positioned.