We can help you make your dreams come true.

We can supply and install any set anywhere in Europe.

We can customise any fountain, light it from the outside, equip the reservoir with a drain valve, fill valve and overflow valve. We can also place the pump outside so that it can be easily removed for the winter and adjusted for daily use.

We always take a comprehensive and professional approach to the jobs we are given:

- comprehensive - we assist in the selection of

  • the technical equipment for water treatment;

  • We choose the size of the tank;

- professional - we take care of safety, the granite elements are connected to the base to prevent the fountain from accidentally falling over.

We do non-standard things - we can drill the stone elements up to a height of 3 m. As for lighting, we use low-voltage sources (12 V and 24 V) with a high degree of protection (IP68). For more complex projects, a complete switch box can be made.

We love a challenge!

We create from:

  • Sandstone,

  • Granite,

  • Basalt,

  • Gneiss,

  • reddish stone,

  • Corten steel,

  • Arctic green natural stone,

  • Pebbles,

  • Grey bolus,

  • Stainless steel.

Arctic green natural stone

Granite and stainless steel

Natural Stone Basalt

Natural stones pebbles

Stainless Steel

Corten Steel